A curatorial and artistic project lasting nearly one and a half years - from January 2011 till June 2012, realized in two cities Poznan (Poland) and London (UK). It consisted of four exhibitions and a series of workshops and lectures. As a part of the project, a video and photographic prints were produced, accompanied by a bilingual publication on these works of art. A total of twelve artists contributed their work to this project. 


A series of photographs and videos made between 2005 and 2009, authored by both artists and people not professionally connected with art, who simply happened to have a camera at the organized event. Their individual approach has left a mark on the rendition and resulted in further popularisation of documentation of my ideas in public space interventions. The fact that neither the authorship of the works nor authenticity of the presented events was certain was for me the key element of the project. 


A series of artistic workshops for senior citizens taking place in June 2015 in Olsztyn parks. During each meeting run by artists, pedagogues, art therapists and participating volunteers, a multitude of artistic techniques were employed and various issues were discussed. A forester, an urban greenery planner, a biologist, a herbalist and a garden plot holder were invited to deliver talks and mini-lectures. The main aim of the project was to invite seniors to spend time together in a creative way and in contact with urban nature. The meetings involved educational, artistic and social values – senior citizens from various environments and backgrounds could use this opportunity to meet and interact on many different levels. 


Curatorial project lasting nearly 2 years, initiated in autumn 2008 in London, in collaboration with Zbigniew Kotkiewicz. We got in touch with artists interested in the topic of searching for happiness…or escaping from it. Our "call for proposals" was addressed mainly to international artists who live and work in Great Britain. The idea of the project consisted from the very beginning of such threads as movement, travelling, dislocation, emigration, multiculturalism, city, private and public sphere, collaboration as well as pursuing pleasure. The project consisted of 3 exhibitions in Poland and Great Britain, in which 35 artists presented their works. It was accompanied by a bilingual publication presenting the works.


A year-long Intermedia project that was initiated on the last day of the Octoberfest festival in 2005. Its beginning and at the same time the most important part was marked by a two-month artistic residency at the Pathos Transport Theatre in Munich in Germany. The project was co-authored by the artist Birgit Binder and was greatly inspired by the novel Don Quijote of La Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes. 


A series of artistic trips around Olsztyn, presenting the city from a different, less obvious side. During each of the three walks taking place throughout July 2015 the participants on one hand got to know the examples of sites related to the cultural versatility of the city, its monuments, architectural sights as well as e.g. empty sites of former buildings, informal meeting places, squares and parks; on the other hand, they were engaged by their guides into cooperation and co-creation of events arranged in different areas of a given route. Walks full of Abstractions were aimed at providing the participants with some information about interesting places in Olsztyn and the history behind them, but most importantly, entertainment resulting from participating in a ‘live’ event, which sometimes might have resembled a mass happening. 


It is a part of the project implemented in September 2009, in which I presented a video, an installation and a series of photographic prints prepared especially for this occasion. The time when the cycle was created, that is autumn, partly determined its theme: changes to plants vegetation, fruit harvesting, gathering supplies for the winter. I linked these issues with the reflection on the idea of gathering - understood as collecting fancy objects as well as collecting things as a means of survival of the poor and the homeless in a city. 


A curatorial project of the event presenting activities in the field of performance art of four artists of Polish background living and working in Great Britain: Justyna Scheuring, Anna Kalwajtys, Monika Karczmarczyk and Ola Winnicka. The artists who express themselves on a daily basis through a variety of media and perform activities from sculpture or graphics to an object, presented a wide range of possible approaches to the understanding of action art. The event is being held under the patronage of the Polish Consul in Edinburgh and the Scottish Polish Cultural Association. 


A curatorial project of an interdisciplinary arts and education undertaking aimed at promoting issues related to the broadly defined Audio Art. Within the project, organized by the BWA Art Gallery in Olsztyn, with support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, throughout June 2014, Olsztyn hosted a variety of free events - workshops, sound walks, concerts, audio performances and film screenings. All of those activities, led by experts invited from all over the country, allowed the participants to gain a more complete, multi-faceted understanding of sound in contemporary art and what sound is in the nearest surrounding.


A curatorial project completed with Australian artist Rebecca Baumann. The Improvised Smoke Device performance in the public space of Adam Mickiewicz’s park in Poznan was presented for the first time as a part of Conselo Cavaniglia’s „Artists in Response to City Spaces” project in 2010. The work reenacted in Poland was inspired by the artist’s trip to India, where she investigated among others, the issues of blurring the boundaries between play and danger. After the event in the park the audience followed to the ON Gallery, where a new kinetic installation, which was prepared specifically for this space and built on the site by the artist. 



I am a curator of exhibitions and artistic events and I also organize and coordinate animation projects. I am particularly keen on meeting new people and exploring their potentials, travelling and ... going to gigs.